Taking a trip down memory lane. 10 years ago, in November 2009, we got our licence for our first residential service – Lona Lodge, dedicated to improving the lives of adults in the community with mental health needs.  For many months this was an empty shell until our first client moved in. We then had staff and also got rid of staff! We then had relatives and became their relatives as well as all the other pluses and minuses that come with running such a service – sleepless nights, broken furniture, plumbing issues, delayed supplies, emergencies, satisfied staff, residents moving forward, happy families.

10 years later, Curado has grown to become a substantive residential care provider with 3 services, a transformational leadership culture, a great workforce and a reputation for providing high quality personalised and family oriented care.  We are now 2 weeks away from our final event for the year, our annual awards ceremony and are looking forward to celebrating the last decade.  It’s been an amazing journey of Managing Better Health.

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